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Brace Yourself for WARWOLF™ #01
A Blistering Sci-Fi Thrill Ride!

From the mind of Leon J. Blaze comes a breathtaking new vision of a dystopian future where humanity’s last stand against corporate dominance is being waged. In this desolate world ravaged by war, new races fight for survival among the ashes of the old society.

Follow the battle-hardened warrior Ravai of the Warwolf clan as she leads the resistance against the all-powerful Pracor Corporation. Using enhanced abilities and guerilla tactics, her pack must strike mercilessly at the militants controlling what little resources remain. But will their primalferocity be enough against Pracor’s advanced technology?

The explosive debut issue pulls no punches, immersing you in a post-apocalyptic landscape where the stakes are ultimate. Kinetic action sequences blend with richly imagined worldbuilding to create a unique sci-fi thrill ride. Stunning artwork captures every claw slash, plasma blast, and bone-crunching impact in visceral detail.

With social commentary cutting as deep as Warwolf’s fangs, WARWOLF™ #01 is a wake-up call about corporate greed and ethnic oppression. Don’t miss the heart-pounding opening salvo in this seminal new series! Strap in and embrace the savagery – the fight for the future begins now!